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Earn Money From Internet

Hi Friends,
There are lots of money making sites available online offering lots of money per day someone says 300$ or other say 1000$! You can not understand which one to register. And most of them are using the word “Easily”, Earn From Home, Work From Home, Home Typist, Online Data Entry, Online Survey Job, Ad Posting job and many more…. Frankly speaking, I am sick of those. And same thing will happen to you if you look for those kinds of easy type jobs. There is no easy way to earn money from Internet or Online, believe me. Let’s give an example. Will you be able to get some coconut-oil without breaking and squeezing the coconut? Perhaps not, same things apply here. You have to know something inside out and which is very much necessary is patience and hard work. I am working and trying to get so called easy way to earn money from those kinds of sites In the last 3 years but I did not get any easy money making site. After a long advertisement at last they say deposit 99$-100$ for registration with Money Back Guarantee!! Do you believe in money back guarantee? Then invest, lean back and see what happens!! It depends on you, Guy!! Ok, let’s change the boring topic and discuss some easy and simple way to earn money from Internet or Online. In my opinion, PTC which stands for Paid To Click sites can be your choice for easy online earning. Hey, listen, don’t get so exited!! Here are some problems too. But you have to be cautious regarding it. Now I’ll discuss in detail about PTC sites just read with patience.

1. At first make an email account it can be Gmail or Yahoo mail.
2. Then open an account from online bank just go to or click below

3. At last register with real and trusted PTC or Bux Sites.
4. After registration, click on the available ads provided by the ptc sites and increase your balance. When it reaches payout limit you can request for pay out. Most of them send payment when your balance reaches 1$-2$ instantly to your online bank account ( it varies from PTC to PTC.
When you make a hand some balance on you online bank account at least 10$- 100$ you can withdraw your money through Mail Check, Wire Transfer. Ok?

Here I am giving you some Trusted and Paying PTC sites you can join for free.



Let’s discuss some Tips for increasing money.
Register only with Real and Trusted PTC sites.
Try to register with those PTC that pays 0.01cents-0.02cents per ad visit. Register with Instant Paying PTC sites. Avoid 30 days paying ptc sites. Many sites offer 1$-100$ per ad visit don’t listen to them and kick out them outright. They are 100% Fraud or Vua.
When you reach your payout limit don’t delay to request payout. Who knows your paying sites is turning to a Scam site or rejects your payout.
Don’t register with so many sites if you do so you won’t be able to click them properly and you lose you patience and at last you’ll get exhausted and give up the work. Mind it, It’s very important for new user. Remember, “slow and steady wins the race”
You’ll have to bear in mind that you can’t make enough money only clicking your ads provided by the sites you registered with.
You must try to increase your direct referrals because you’ll get a commission from your referrals.
Let’s see a simple calculation about referral earnings. Suppose, you have 100 direct referrals they click 6 ads per day so, the earning 6 times 0.01=0.06 from 1 referral. Then 100 referrals 0.06 times100 = $6 and you’ll get the half of their earnings that is $6/$2=$3 per day. If you work with 10 sites your earnings will be at least $30 per day and monthly $900-1000$ with your click. That means TK.65000!!
Ok, then how can you get your referrals? See below.
Make a blog or article about PTC sites.
Join Forums, Chat sites, Money Making forums.
Give your link and banner ad on free classified websites.
Use Twitter and Facebook to advertise
Try to advertise your registered ptc banner on different ptc sites.
Do not invest any money if you are new in this area.
Just join 10-15 trusted PTC not more.
Try to increase your referral earnings for these sites.
Join traffic exchange sites because they are quite effective for getting referrals.
Name of some traffic exchange sites are-,,
You can rent referral investing your money on PTC sites.
Exchange your referral with your friends or other people who are working with ptc sites. That’s mean – you first join some ptc sites with your friend’s referral and tell your friend to join some ptc site with your referral then when you click ads your friend will get commission from your clicks and when your friend will click on ads you will get some commission from your friend’s clicks. Ok? Good.

There are lots of forum regarding ptc sites join them and try to be active. I am giving some names for your convenience. You may be benefited from it. and many more….
Tell your friends and relatives about earnings.
Send your link through email to your friends s/he might be interested.
And last but not the least, visit to know whether it is a trusted ptc site or not. You will get recent ptc news from there. You’ll get lists of Elite PTCs, Good PTCs, Paying PTCs, New PTCs, Ongoing PTCs and Fraud PTCs too.

Ok, Guys, I must stop here. I hope you will get benefited if you follow my this tiny effort. Please let me know your valuable comments and suggestions if you have any regarding PTC sites. I will definitely appreciate and welcome your thoughts. And if you have any question please feel free to ask me when ever you want except (1am-5am) Why? Oh, man I’ll be sleeping then, you know!
Thank you very much for reading my blog and giving me your valuable time.

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FAQ about PTC sites which will be very helpful for greenhorns.

F A Q ( Frequently Asked Questions) about Paid To Click Sites

Dear Friends,
There are lots of people now making online money through various ways. And “Paid To Click” is one of them by which you can earn some money easily without having vast computer knowledge. In my blog I’ll try to give as much answers as possible about PTC sites.

1. What is PTC?
Answer: PTC is a kind of web sites by which you can earn some money simply viewing their ads.
2. Why do PTC sites give me the money for viewing ads?
Answer: Because there are hundreds of thousands of web pages on internet so, if you want to popular your web page you will have to advertise and PTC sites just do the thing for you. And if you advertise your page on PTC sites the PTC site authority take some charge and from them they will give you some for viewing ads.
3. What will I have to do for joining PTC sites?
Answer: You will have to go to the home page of the site then click Register or Join or Sine up Button a form will open just fill it properly verify your email and you are done!
4. How will I verify my email?
Answer:When you fill out the registration form they will send an activation link to your email address you’ll have to open your mail and check your inbox or spam folder open the mail and click the activation link they send after that your account will be activated and you’ll be able to log in to your PTC site.
5. Ok, I’ve completed my registration and now logged in what will I have to do?
Answer: Simple, after logged in just click the tab “View ads” and the ad will open. Wait for loading the ad properly then a timer will open at the top of your browser it may take 10 second to 30 second. It varies from one PTC to PTC. When your timer will stop a button will appear called “verify” click on the right word or type the right word as shown and then click “verify” button. You will see a sentence like this “your account has been credited, Thanks” or “Thanks you earned 0.001$” or “your account has been credited to 0.001close the page”
“Congratulations! You have just earned $ 0.001, stand by for redirection”
You are done! Now click the next ad.
6 Can I open more then 1 ad at a time?
Answer: No, you are not allowed to open more then 1 ad at a time. You have to wait until the timer stops.
7. How many ads will I get per day?
Answer: Most of the PTC sites give 6-10 ads for free member.
8. How much money can I make from one PTC site?
Answer: You can make 6cents to 10cents from one PTC site as a free member and 12 cents to 50cents as an upgraded member. It varies from PTC to PTC.
8. Who are upgraded members?
Answer: When you join in a site you are regarded as a free member. And if you want to be upgraded you will have to pay some $ to the site. And then the company will give you the status of Upgraded Membership. Being an upgraded member you will be able to earn much money then Free Membership.
9. Ok, now I’m clicking ads everyday but when will I get paid?
Answer: Of course, you’ll get paid when you reach the payout limit set by the company. It may be $1, $2, $5, $10 it varies from PTC to PTC.
10. But, when and how will I get paid?
Answer: Relax; you will be paid instantly or within 24 hours to 10 days through online bank like alert pay or pay pal or money bookers.
11. What is online bank or alert pay?
Answer: PTC sites do not pay you directly they pay through online bank like alert pay. When you request payout to the company the company will send your money to your online bank account. And you’ll withdraw your money from online bank. It’s simple.
12. How will I open an account with alert pay?
Answer: Just click on the banner below and register.
13. Ok, I have opened an account with alert pay what will I have to do?
Answer: Good, you’ll have to do nothing but wait until your balance reach to $10 to $100. When you reach that limit you can withdraw your earnings from your online bank account (alert pay).
14. Now I reach the limit but how can I withdraw my money from alert pay?
Answer: You can withdraw your money by Mail Check, or Direct Bank Transfer called wire transfer. If you choose Mail Check the online bank will send a check to your postal address and you will get it within 30 days.
15. Ok, at last I’ve get my check by mail what will I do now?
Answer: What is expected to you is go and open an account in any Bangladeshi Bank and deposit your check and cash your check.
16. Now I understand the process but the money I’m earning from PTC sites is very poor how will I increase my earnings?
Answer: Good, you can increase your money in various ways. Such
as, upgrading your membership, joining PTC forums, giving your PTC banner ad on other PTC sites, giving ads on free classified sites for getting direct referrals because you will get a portion of your direct referrals. Ok?
17. Can I join many PTC sites at a time?
Answer: Yes, you can. But you have to be cautious about SCAM sites too.
18. What is SCAM site?
Answer: A site that does not pay any money but spoil your valuable time.
19. How do I identify the SCAM sites?
Answer: The scam sites offer high price such as they may say, you will get 1$-10$ per ad visit or take 30 days to send your payouts. If you have any doubt give search on Goggle. Example: “ Paying or Scam”? Read the search result and take your decision.
20. Are there any other options to identify?
Answer: Yes, you can visit here you’ll get all the information you need regarding PTC sites. You must visit it.

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